Robayna And Associates Inc. - Structural Engineering - Miami Florida

Structural Engineering

Robayna and Associates, Inc. has the expertise to provide our clients with the structural design of building, bridges, marine structures and a variety of other required structures.

We have been involved in the design of numerous residential, commercial, industrial and institutional buildings. These have ranged from one story to several stories in height and have consisted of a variety of materials and methods of construction. Concrete, wood or steel structures are all commonplace on our drawing boards. Our professional will assist our clients with the right decisions to make by pointing out alternatives available and the best choices for their needs. Our designs make full use of the latest computer programs and methods.

structural engineering

Other structures designed by our professional have included the design of bridges, from three to seven spans in length, culverts, seawalls and retaining structures, dock facilities, marinas and many other related structures. We have been involved with the planning, design and construction inspections and/or administration of many of the facilities we have designed.

Our professional have the knowledge and expertise to interpret the code requirements and to assist our clients in making full use of the code alternatives. In many occasions our professionals have assisted our clients and their out of town designers or architects with our code consultations expertise. We have also assisted manufactures in the approval of their products in today's complex code environment. If your needs are along these lines, we can help you with devising strategy and making the required contacts within the governmental establishment to expedite the process. We have the knowledge of the code requirements and are in contact with the decision makers every day.