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Water & Sewer

Numerous miles of pipelines for private and governmental institutions have been planned and engineered by the combined efforts of our professionals. They range from gravity collection sewers, to pressurized water distribution lines and sanitary force mains. Our projects span from small local lines to major transmission lines tunneling under coastal bodies of water. No matter what the system requirements, our professionals study the needs and evaluate the alternatives to recommend programs that fit within the given environmental and economic constrains of the desired system.


Water Distribution

Water Supply

Wastewater Sewer Collection

Pump Stations

Wastewater Pressure Transmission

Flood Control

Pipeline Route Studies

Industrial Waste Monitoring and Treatment

Through comprehensive engineering and planning efforts, effective solutions are achieved for the most complex problems. Be it the transition to potable water, the conveyance of wastewater through pump stations and force mains, or the treatment of either potable water or wastewater, Robayna and Associates has the expertise to achieve the needs of our clients.

Industrial processes sometimes produce wastes containing soluble materials, which need to be removed prior to disposal onto public wastewater systems to avoid harmful effects to the receiving systems. In many instances, these materials can be recycled once they are separated. This produces a valuable by-product; thus, compensating for the removal costs. Designing these systems and processes and identifying these materials are part of our industrial waste services. Our professionals guide our clients in making the decisions necessary to achieve their objectives within the environmental parameters.

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