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Environmental Engineering

The complexity of today's environmental regulatory realities requires a firm that understands the engineering, economic and legal aspects of the permitting and reporting requirements of these agencies. 


Robayna and Associates addresses the environmental needs of our clients providing services extending from coastal environmental permitting, shore line restoration, dredge and fill projects, domestic and industrial water and sewer treatment and storage, solid waste disposal, recycling management, land fill management and reuse, wetlands determination, on site contamination & remediation, and projects of similar magnitude.


Wetland Determination Survey

Wetland Permitting

Environmental Permitting

Hazardous Waste

DEP Concrete Batch Plants Generic Permitting

NPDES Permitting

Deep Well Permitting

The transfer of real estate property also requires that the buyer and financial institutions involved assess the potential adverse environmental damage that could have been caused by past on-site or near-site activities. Robayna and Associates offers such services involving the evaluation and preparation of Environmental Assessment Reports. Our professionals establish the strategy to follow in determining if there are reasons to suspect any contamination of soil, groundwater, or air to a significant degree from past uses, or if present uses could result in potential risk of contamination. Our procedures adhere to environmental due diligence standards and include site investigation, site history data collection and analysis of site and research data.


Businesses and industries utilize our capabilities in this area of expertise for everything from improvements and expansion of ongoing operations, to the engineering and design of new facilities. Because our engineers are knowledgeable about criteria and permitting procedures, we are able to provide our clients with cost-effective solutions to help avoid regulatory delays.

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