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Civil Engineering

Whether it is roads, highways, bridges, airports, buildings, or water resource projects, Robayna and Associates has the necessary Civil Engineering capabilities. We take pride in our ability to develop civil engineering solutions to satisfy our clients needs. These solutions will be implemented within our frame of services, which emphasize technical innovation and high competence.

Robayna and Associates serves public, private and institutional clients with a focus on highways, subdivisions, storm drainage, structures, bridges and site development projects.


Stormwater Management

Drainage Design

Lake and Canal Design


Parking Lots

Structural Design

Access Roads

Commercial Shopping Center

A few of the services we provide for our clients include the development of concepts/feasibility analyses, capital budgeting, master planning, site location and development, engineering, surveying, foundation designs, and comparative analysis.


The ever-increasing regulatory environment require that our professionals maintain a current level of knowledge and involvement on the issues of today. Sewer capacity, water availability, wetlands, changing codes water-quality and storm water disposal have been among the issues of utmost importance and concern during the recent years. Other issues continue to surface on a daily basis; however, our professionals remain in contact with the regulatory agencies to stay updated allowing us to best serve our clients.

Robayna and Associates' staff experience ranges from small site projects to land development projects with over 600 acres; from two lane local roads to multi-lane highways and causeways; from water and sewer line extensions to serve a small site to major projects serving a full section of land being served by complex utility systems.

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