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Land Development

Today's intricate market, combined with ever-changing governmental regulations, makes land development a highly competitive field. Robayna and Associates maintains high quality standards when it comes to the planning and design of both residential and commercial land development projects.

In this complex field, our highly qualified and motivated professionals strive to optimize efficiency, adapt to technological changes and reduce the effective cost of the project while maintaining its integrity and feasibility. In dealing with governmental agencies, as well as in planning and designing the project's infrastructure, our team brings a problem solving approach to the process.


Our professionals are encouraged to be creative while emphasizing relative and appropriate economical alternatives to the high cost solutions, common in the land development infrastructure.


Land Acquisition Studies

Pre-Development Services

Land Planning

Zoning Consulting

Site Engineering

Residential Subdivisions

Commercial & Office Developments

Industrial Facilities

Parks and Recreation 

Apartment and Condominium Complexes

Each project is custom designed to fit existing conditions, the client's needs and preferences. Making the project relate to the client requires close coordination, consultation, and feedback. Our team is committed to participate and take an active approach in such a process.

The planning and design of land development projects require proven expertise in several disciplines, which can only be grouped properly through our team perspective. Robayna and Associates can provide the team with the required talent and competency to achieve such an approach. This team includes professional land surveyors, engineers and land planners.

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