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Robayna and Associates focuses on the safe and efficient movement of vehicles and pedestrians when it comes to transportation engineering. Transportation engineering is closely related to urban planning. This requires our engineers to work in conjunction with our clients to provide a design that will accommodate the necessities of the proposed work.



Design Services

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Transportation Projects

From trip generation to pavement design, to signs and pavement marking, Robayna and Associates can offer a design which will meet the requirements of your project. We possess experience in developing transportation systems, ranging from bicycle facilities to multi-lane highways.


Numerous factors must be taken into consideration when planning and designing roadway projects - starting with Right-of-Way availability, priority of interconnecting roadways, the crossing of water bodies, existing utilities affecting the design and, last but not least, the interaction with adjacent uses both during and after construction.

With the increased requirements on environmental protection, Robayna and Associates remains updated on such requirements.

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