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Land Surveying

The quality of the design product relies on the accuracy of the field survey information obtained. Robayna and Associates places the necessary emphasis on obtaining essential information to provide an accurate final product.

Robayna and Associates has planned, designed, surveyed and prepared plats for geometric lot maps for over 20,000 lots and countless tracts of land. These have included residential, as well as commercial, institutional and industrial tracts.

With our extensive expertise, we are able to perform complex boundary and location surveys involving sectional surveying and geodetic traverses. No survey work is too large or too complex for our professionals.

Additionally, we provide surveying services that include, boundary and topographic surveys, route surveys, evaluation and interpretation of legal descriptions and documents, and preparation of tentative and record plats, preparation of right of way maps, preparation of condominium exhibits, and preparation of specialized surveys and various maps to serve the needs of our clients. We also set control points and layout buildings, structures and infrastructure for construction purposes, and prepare record drawings of the constructed above ground and underground improvements.



Elevation Surveys

Property Title Investigation Surveys

Boundary Surveys

Underground Utility Location

GPS Control Surveys

Geographic Information System (GIS)

Right of Way Route Surveys

Interior Measuring

Utility Location Surveys

Architectural Surveys

Condo Conversions

New Condominium Exhibits

Land Subdividing and Platting

Construction Surveying

Record Drawings

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